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Aged Care Issues

Equipment-In-Aged-Care-DVD Equipment Used In Aged Care NEW!!
A number of different equipment is required to be used by care-givers and residents of aged care and health care facilities. Educate yourself on this equipment, how and why it is used and current up-to-date techniques.
Pain-Management-Heat-Packs-DVD Pain Management – Heat Packs
This training assists you to better understand safe and effective pain management using heat packs. It will help you reduce risk by ensuring appropriate identification of who is suitable for receiving heat treatment and who should be determining this, by standardising heat preparation and application and help you ensure that clients get the most benefit from the heat treatment.
Arthritis-DVD Arthritis
This e-learning module assists you to better understand the types and causes of arthritis and how to manage it. A fantastic educational tool to educate you about this common condition associated with ageing and what is the best form of exercise. It also assists with the accreditation standards associated with education and staff development.
Gastroenteritis-DVD Gastroenteritis
A gastroenteritis outbreak can have a devastating effect on an aged care facility or health care facility. This e-learning module will educate you on current strategies to diagnose, treat, control and prevent common infectious diseases in long-term care geriatric facilities. An essential tool for stopping a breakout in your facility!

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